01KurtKurt was born in Lostice on November 7, 1915. He was popular with his Jewish and Christian friends in Lostice and surrounding area. Kurt, his younger sister Lily and parents Markus and Irma were sent a concentration camp, where they perished.

01GretkaShe lived with her parents on 100 Pivovarska Street. Her father Karel Hirsch was a butcher. Greta were sent together to concentration camp Treblinka where they perished in 1942.

01LoffA member of the Jewish community, who was born on June 6, 1896. Otto, well-liked in Lostice, came from Kromeriz. He took an active part in the social life of Lostice and was also a member of the local Sokol orchestra. Otto and his wife Erna (neÊ Simerlova) were sent to concentration camp Raasika, where they perished in 1942.

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