rabin_gunzigRabbi and scholar, who was born in Cracow, where he received the traditional talmudic education. He later studied secular subjects in Berlin and philosophy and Semitics at Berne University. In the period 1899 - 1919 Gunzig served as a rabbi in Lostice.

fanny_neuda_1Fanny Neuda (Schmiedl) was born on March 6, 1819, in the Moravian town of Ivancice to a rabbinical family. Her father Juda Schmiedl (1776 -1855) was a rabbi in Lomnice, Osoblaha and other places. Around 1840 Fanny married Rabbi Abraham Neuda (1812-1854) and moved to the town of Loctice, where she later wrote her book Stunden der Andacht (Hours of Devotion).

02langer_emil_otecLife stories of Arthur Langer bring us also to involvement of Jewish men and women in fight against Nazis. While historians of the previous (communist) era in our country tried hard to minimize the Jewish participation in war efforts and described them as passive participants of tragic events, Mr. Langer´s memories lead us to information, which illustrates that majority of those who managed to escape, did not care about their own well being, but immediately started to work for the renewal of Czechoslovakia and took an active part in the fight against Nazis.

01morgensternEgon was born on July 27, 1914 to Laura Morgenstern, who lived and worked as a midwife in Lostice. The Morgensterns were Jewish. After the Nazi invasion Egon and his younger brother Armin escaped to Poland. They planed to go via the Baltic States and Sweden to the West and fight the Nazis. However, Egon was arrested by Polish police and Armin escaped from Poland to Russia. Egon was later released and continued his journey alone, without documents and money. In Estonia he was arrested by the infamous Russian secret police (NKVD) and accused of spying. He survived the transport of death and many years of imprisonment in a gulag by the Petchora River near the polar circle.

01K_SchnitzlerKurt Schnitzler was born on May 12, 1916. Before WWII he lived with his parents in Olomouc and studied at the Masaryk University in Brno. He was sent to Terezin in 1942 and on December 18th 1943 transported to Auschwitz, where he perished. Marie's father was killed in 1945.

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