The fates Lostice

Kurt Schnitzler

For his Jewish origin Kurt was fired from the Medical Faculty, sent to a forced labor program and later imprisoned in a concentration camp. The addressee of these letters was his Christian beloved Marie. H., who lives in Lostice (2007).

Dopisy_a__motaky_K_SchnitzlerLetters contain his personal thoughts, description of life in confinement and a list of medications, which he needed for the treatment of other prisoners. Marie was able to send him several letters and a few parcels with food and medicine. It was quite difficult for her, as she was on the Nazis black list, because her father was in the concentration camp since 1939. Illegal correspondence was punishable by strict penalties including capital sentence..

Written by a Kurt Schnitzler , Vojnice, Olomouc and Terezin 1940-1942

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