The fates Lostice

Rabbi Dr. Asriel Gunzig

Dr._Gnzig_Asriel-_posledni_rabin(1868 - 1931)

Rabbi and scholar, who was born in Cracow, where he received the traditional talmudic education. He later studied secular subjects in Berlin and philosophy and Semitics at Berne University. In the period 1899 -1919 Gunzig served as a rabbi in Lostice.

He left Lostice for Antwerp, where he became the head of Tahkemoni School. His scholarly work was mainly focused on the history of Haskalah (Jewish enlightenment) in Galicia, but he dealt with other subjects as well.

His published works include: Der Pessimismus im Judenthume (1899), Die Wundermanner im jßdischen Volke (1929), Das jßdische Schrifttum ßber den Wert des Lebens (1924). Gunzig was also active as a bookseller and editor (Ha-Maggid and a literary journal Ha-Eskol).

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