The fates Usov

Abraham Leipniker Lowy

Great gr-gr-gr-gr grandfather of John Kerry
(m. to Torriah)(b. ca 1700 - 29 Oct 1774 in Usov, buried in Usov)

Abraham Leipniker Lowy came to Usov in 1716. Both his father and grandfather used to serve as Chief Rabbis in Timisoara (now Rumania). Abraham Leipniker was elected as the chairman of the Jewish community in Usov in 1751. He became well known for his fights for the religious rights of his congregation. Abraham was a leader of deputations to several courts, including deputations to the Imperial court in Vienna, where he succeeded thanks to his diplomatic skills. He recorded his achievements and philosophy in the writings titled: M'GILATH S'DARIM - An Unwritten Chapter in the History of the Jews of Moravia. As he mentioned in his writings, during the services on the Eighth Day of Holy Convocation, Jews of Usov, in the recognition of his merit, used to sing the commemorative hymns, which he composed.
He lived in his own house #XXIII, which still exists in Usov (presently #262 - 5. kvetna Street). Abraham Leipniker played a great part in activities, which later resulted in the re-establishment of the synagogue in Usov. This 18th century synagogue also still exists there.

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