Usov: Synague and Museum

synagoga_usovThe Usov synagogue was built in 1784 and was used for religious purposes until 1938. During the Kristallnacht Nazis burnt down its furnishings and also library and archives. Most members of the Jewish community escaped from Usov in late 1930s. Those who stayed perished in the Holocaust. After WWII the Jewish community was not renewed and the synagogue was sold to the Bohemian Brethren Evangelical Church, which used it as a prayer room. In 1993 Nina Hofmann from England bought back the building and transferred it to the Jewish community. Renovation of the synagogue including the restoration of the original paintings and liturgical inscriptions on the wall took almost 15 years. The synagogue and museum display, which includes also Respect and Tolerance library and archive was reopened in June 2008 - 70 years after it was devastated during the Kristallnacht in 1938.

Museum display is focused on history of the Jewish settlement in Usov and on foremost members of Jewish community such as a poet and writer Vlastimil Artur Polak and well known French artist Terry Haass. Visitors will find there also information about direct Usov forefathers of senator John Kerry.

Visitors can also view the Jewish cemetery, which was founded in 17th century not far from synagogue.

Museum display was prepared by the Foundation Respect and Tolerance with the financial assistance from
Olomoucký kraj and Nadace Židovské obce v Praze

Synagogue is now open for public:
December – February
Tue – Fri: 3 – 5 PM
Sat – Sun: 2– 5 PM
During winter business hours a call for a reservation is recommended.
Cell.: (+420) 723 003 933, (+420) 775 264 206

For guided tours and educational programs please call:
775 264 206, 723 003 933, 583 435 255
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Historical sites in the area:
* Chateau Usov and Museum of Forestry
* Museum Mohelnice, 10km: New museum display, small exhibition History of Jewish community in the Mohelnice area.
* Lostice, 14km: Synagogue and Jewish cemetery, Adolf Kaspar Museum & Gallery, Tvaruzky Cheese Museum
* Arboretum Bila Lhota, 20km.
* Castle Bouzov, 22km
* Castle Sovinec, 22km

The town Usov is located about 40km north of Olomouc

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